Saying goodbye

Today we say goodbye to Tommy’s mum , a mother,sister,grandma and lovely lady …. we shall raise a glass for you today lovely and celebrate your life xxx may you fly high and rest in eternal peace xxx

Thankyou and well done

I would just like to say thankyou very much to all my staff and customers for an amazing reopening day , I have blisters on my feet but my God they are worth it , you are amazing , 😁 I managed 3 cold cups of coffee all day and it’s all down to you guys , your respect ,patience and amazing company were awesome … thankyou x

We are hiring

Are you an experienced bar person? , are you completely flexible ? If yes then the princess royal needs you …..plz inbox for further details and possible interview ….. 😁

We are opening !

Re opening

We are now opening your local but with a few differences for the near future,
Some of the new measures that will be in place I know are not going to please some people but please remember these changes are not any of the staff members fault, please don’t grumble at the staff as they can not change any of the new plans, I have put the new plans in place following the guidance I have been given …. Please ask to see me if you have any queries.

These are the measures I am taking to keep you and my staff safe. If you have any symptoms please DO NOT COME TO THE PUB, please stay at home and ring 111 for advice.

As you will be aware our numbers are limited , we can safely accommodate 56 inside the pub and 50 in the outside beer garden area,

once we are full no one else can come in until someone leaves, please don’t ask us to fit just one more in as we can not.

I will not be doing table booking at the moment as I don’t think it’s a fair way of doing things, I know this will probably mean that some regulars will not get in straight away but please bare with us as this is a learning curve for me and my staff , we have a lot of regulars and we cant fit you all in at the same time. I’m sorry

As you enter the pub there will be a table with hand sanitizer on it, PLEASE USE IT, myself and my staff will of already sanitized the pub before you arrive and throughout the day you will see us walking around wiping door handles and toilets for your added safety. We can together keep the virus at bay .

We have been asked to keep some information for track and trace ,there will be a mobile number on a board for you to message your name too, this will be destroyed after 21 days and shared with no one .

Our opening times will remain as normal for the first weekend but may change after for a short while whilst we adjust to the new pub way of life.

Unfortunately no one will be allowed to approach the bar , when you enter the pub you will need to find a table and a friendly member of staff will come to you and take your order and then bring your drinks to you, please be patient with us , cash payments will be accepted but where it is possible for you to use card please do so.

There will be a one in and one out system in order for the toilets , please wash your hands and then sanitize them , please adhere to this at all times again for your own safety and the safety of others, thankyou.
There will be NO entertainment until further notice, including no darts or pool,
The jukebox will be playing but only as background music, if you put a song on please don’t come and ask us to turn it up for you, we just cant .

We can not have any standing drinkers you must all remain seated at all times

For the time being there will be NO children allowed inside or outside everyone must be 18 or over

Please do not approach other peoples tables , remember the 1m ruling.

Please remember these are not permanent rules , just a change to the norm until the virus has left us alone. Hopefully we will get back to normal pub life in the not to distant future. The advice given to us is changing all the time if any of the changes affect you I will post them on our website and social media.

If for whatever reason you feel that you cannot keep to the rules please don’t come, as you will only be asked to leave anyway.


When,if the pubs reopen

If and when the pubs finally reopen, maybe in a couple weeks times, I sincerely hope so.

Would you feel safe to comeback in? and if so is there anything we could do that would make you feel safer in your return?

We already have screens a table ordering app to minimise contact, table service and hand sanitiser throughout the pub.

But what else if anything would make you feel safer?